Live: Fall Out Boy 17/3/14

Last Monday I took the train out of Liverpool and away from all the Paddy’s Day party go-ers and went to the big (somewhat scary) city of Manchester. I was off to see Fall Out Boy live! After listening to Fall Out Boy for longer than I can even remember, the idea of actually seeing them in the same room as me was absolutely mental. They were supported by The Pretty Reckless and New Politics. For starters, the venue…. if none of you have been before, the MEN (now Phones 4 U arena) is bloody HUGE! After queuing to put our bags behind the desk and then having a sudden need for the toilet due to excitement, myself and my friend Alex were sceptical because we thought we’d be right at the back of the standing section. When we finally got into the arena, the sheer size and amount of people in there hits me everytime. I was nervous for the bands so I don’t know how they must have been feeling!

We walked straight down the middle of the standing area because everyone was sitting down waiting, therefore dodging people and getting extremely close to the front wasn’t hard. After a nice sit down there was a beat of some music and in one movement the whole stadium stood up and ran forward. I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast, we managed to get right up near the front, a few people away from the barriers.

New Politics came on stage. For those who don’t know them, they are a band from Copenhagen. I’ve seen them support Panic! At the Disco in the past and actually love them. I know all of the lyrics to their songs and was not ashamed to scream along (much to everyone around me’s annoyance). The reason I love this band so much is that they have without a doubt the BEST stage presence ever. Although not many people knew them, not one person looked bored in their performance. The vocalist, David Boyd gets the whole crowd involved, he gets them to sing lyrics back to him, he stage dives and he breakdances. They have pretty simple songs which are easy to pick up and sing along to which works really well. The whole stadium was buzzing during their performance. Personally I would have preferred New Politics to have been the second support act although I know The Pretty Reckless are more well known. The only reason I say this is because The Pretty Reckless have songs which are fantastic yet not really dancey and are more relaxed.

The Pretty Reckless… what can I say, Taylor Momsen looked so, so hot as usual. She danced around provocatively and ‘grinded’ on the other band members but it wasn’t in a Rhianna/Miley Cyrus way, it was in a way which made every girl in the room envy her and want to be her. They opened up with one of my favourite songs called Miss Nothing and then followed by playing songs off the new album. The only qualm I had was that the bass was so excruciatingly loud that at times it overpowered Taylor’s voice and caused many people at the front to have to cover their ears! The bands penultimate song was the famous ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ which the whole stadium knew word for word. The feeling of over 20,000 people singing the words You make me want to die, I’ll never be good enough sounded epic! (yet very teenage angsty). They finished with their new single Going to Hell which was an immense way to finish. Overall TPR were exceptional!

Finally after quite a long wait, there was a countdown and Fall Out Boy burst onto the stage. For those of you who don’t know, their new album kind of follows a storyline and if you watch the videos chronologically you’ll notice they lead on from each other. In the videos the boys are kidnapped and balaclavas are put over them. They jumped onto the stage wearing balaclavas and performed their opening song (The Phoenix) wearing them. They whacked off their balaclavas and threw them aside revealing themselves and the crowd went mental. At around the fourth song in, the beginning beats of one of their legendary songs began and as the famous opening line I am an arms dealer began… the whole stadiums audio system cut out. It was extremely awkward, everyone cringed and hoped it got sorted but Patrick Stump melted 20,000 hearts by sitting down and acoustically singing a song with NO microphone. If I wasn't near the front I wouldn't have been able to hear him at all, but the lovely Fall Out Boy fangirl crowd helped him out by singing along with him. It was the cutest and most heart-warming thing ever. Luckily for the boys, after the song Pete spoke through the mic and miraculously the sound was BACK! They started that very first riff of This Aint a Scene for the second time and it wasn't until that moment that things became crazy. The surges started, the mosh pits opened and as everyone says, the crowd went wild!

I was being pushed around so much, I don’t think I’ll ever be pressed against so many people at one time again in my life. The surges were unreal, people were passing out from dehydration and panic attacks. I’m surprised I wasn’t one of them! I just clung onto Alex’s hand as to not be separated and used the opening mosh pits as opportunities to move even closer to the front. (Yes, I’m one of those girls).

The next hour or so consisted of a beautiful mixture of songs from the old album, songs from the new album and obviously FOB’s incredible rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat it. The concert included an immense guitar solo from the wonderful Joe during Alone Together and after a perfect acoustic set from Pete and Patrick on the small, middle stage there was a drum solo from the exceptionally talented Mr Andy Hurley during Dance, Dance!

The closing song was understandably My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark which was the first single they released off the new album. It was so exciting as it was that part of the gig when you know its coming to a huge, epic end and that’s exactly what happened. It built up, and up and then the band threw things in the crowd and made a dramatic exit.

As expected the lights didn’t come back on in the arena and the crowd started buzzing, speculating the encore. It started with a low grumble until on and on it built, resulting in thousands upon thousands of fans screaming for more and chanting FALL OUT BOY, FALL OUT BOY. They wanted a lively encore and that is exactly what they got. The boys returned to the stage to sing three more songs including the long-awaited Thanks for the Memories. It made a sensational ending to a sensational show, the band threw in drumsticks, plectrums, towels (I didn’t catch a thing though) and then ran offstage!

Overall I give the gig five stars, it was one of the most exciting, action packed, fun gigs I’ve ever been to and I would highly recommend seeing all three bands live to everyone!

New Politics: New album has been released called “A bad girl in harlem”.

The Pretty Reckless’: New album was released the day of the concert “Going to hell”.

Fall Out Boy: The album in which the tour is promoting is called “Save rock and roll”.

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