Review - Newton Faulkner

I never really understood the phrase ‘standing room only’ until that night, the venue -which is no means small- was heaving with Newton Faulkner fans. Newton was worth waiting in the rain, he was worth being repeatedly jabbed unthoughtfully in the back of my head by an umbra wielding twenty something. I am getting ahead of myself, because I have a confession. To my shame I’d never consciously listened to Faulkner before seeing him. The O2 academy was as ever superb, there was a little more security than I’d experienced before, but given the events of Friday night in Paris who could fault their diligence? I was given my FREE tickets without complications. The wait was due to my eagerness, to get a good spot, I needn’t have worried the staged was easily visible. I made my way to the second level and the balcony, from which I could easily see the acts on stage, watching as the room was seemingly played by Newton as another instrument. A quick mention for Victoria, who were a great supporting act, a lead singer with a strong voice. The bands stand out song was the ‘into to the wild’, playing another four songs, they seem like an act to look at for the future. It is important to understand that Newton is a class act, when hackled he deals with the audience member kindly, answering to one guy, ‘Thank you sir’, it is this manner combined with his clear musical ability that makes him so likeable. Newton played through old and new material, his performance of ‘bricks’ along with his brother, friend and indeed the rest of the room, that I will remember, the night before was the Paris attacks, he spoke eloquently about trusting and accepting the person standing next to us. If you get a free moment listen to his new album, ‘human love’ or go to one of his gigs. I leave you with this advice, if you feel low or down, give him a listen, his upbeat positive body of work is uplifting and life affirming. I can’t praise him enough.

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