Slam Dunk 2016: A week away

With Slam Dunk 2016 kicking off in 7 days in Leeds, we at Looprevil decided we would look at what will be going on at the event. With it being Slam Dunks 10 year anniversary it only seems fitting that the headliners on the Main Stage would be Panic! at the Disco. This would be the band’s first time playing the festival. After the release of their new album “Death of a Bachelor” in January this year we see further development in their genre and style being well received by fans. They will be joined by the pop punk legends New Found Glory are also to feature on the line-up. With their entirely genre altering influence on the pop punk scene, their presence at the festival will bring out old fans and hopefully create new ones.

Other the stage 2 we see hard-core bands such as Of Mice and Men headlining the second stage alongside Issues and Memphis May Fire. With Of Mice and Men set to release their first live album “Live at Brixton” the day before the festival begins they are sure to have a large attendance to get a look at the bands set in person. After Issues recently releasing their singles “Coma” and “Blue Wall” and “Slow Me Down” from their new album “Headspace” which was released a on the 20th May. The band are sure to have drawn in a lot of focus on their new material that the fans are awaiting to hear live for the first time. Memphis May Fire announced in February that they entered the studio to record their latest studio album, are there any chances that there will be small previews of this album on at Slam Dunk? We can wait and see.

Stage 3 is filled with current pop punk bands such as The Starting Line, Real Friends and Roam. After their no studio releases for eight years The Starting Line released their EP “Anyways” in December of last year so this large comeback is to be long awaited by fans at the festival this year. The band have been active since 1999 and have been on many small hiatuses so there should be a lot of excitement around this band at the festival this year. Further expectations have been built around Real Friends with the large success of their last album we hope to see the same from their new album “The Home inside my head” due on the 27th of May. With their new music video released on the 1st of April for “Colder Quicker”, this much loved band can expect a large reaction from crowds this year. Returning to Slam Dunk again is Eastbourne pop punk band Roam, who at the start of this year released their debut album “Backbone”, the band who are quickly gaining in popularity have previously toured with others on Stage 3 such as As It Is. Both are much anticipated the festival this year.

by Alix Pickford.


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