White Lies @ HMV Liverpool One, 7/10/2016

Before heading into the gig today, I had two reservations about it. The first being the setting; White Lies have a big sound to them and I was very curious as to how they'd transfer that sound to the setting of a tiny corner at a retail store in central Liverpool. My other concern was the fact that the brand new album, Friends, had only been released a matter of hours before they took to the "stage" and I wasn't sure how the crowd would react to the new material given they had very little time to familiarise themselves with the record before seeing it played live in the flesh.

Safe to say, both my reservations were quashed almost immediately.

Opening with Take It Out On Me, the lead single from Friends, was a natural choice considering that it was the most well known off the new album, and what an opener it was; I can certainly see them opening sets with that across the country when they begin to tour the new album. They didn't waste time delving into the back catalogue though, There Goes Our Love was followed by a real crowd favourite; To Lose My Life. This was followed by a couple of other singles from the new album; Morning in LA and Hold Back Your Love, which in particular doesn't sound like it'd be out of place in a John Hughes film soundtrack. Farewell to the Fairground really got the crowd going and singing along, with Come On, another single off Friends, also being very well received. Death, however, was the highlight of the show and proves that the band have such a good finale under their hats and it definitely left the crowd wanting more.

Considering the intimacy of their space, I was blown away by how they sounded. There was no stripping back, no swapping the electric guitars for acoustics; it was a pure White Lies performance. I was curious before hand how'd they manage it and I was very pleasantly surprised by their performance.

All in all, it was a fantastic performance from White Lies and I'd seriously recommend seeing them live at the 02 Academy Liverpool on the 26th November!

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