You Me at Six Review @ Liverpool Guild of Students

As the first concert I’m reviewing for the station this year, You Me at Six was a great way to kick things off. It was a very confident gig with a lot of familiar hits from previous albums featured in the setlist including fan favourites such as “Underdog”, “Loverboy” and “Lived a Lie”. It gave the crowd a chance to join in with the anthems; bringing out the inner thirteen year old in everyone.

Josh Franceschi, frontman of the group, announced to the crowd that the band was there to “purely entertain” the fans and they very much delivered. They brought back a lot of nostalgia and from what I heard outside the venue after the gig, many people were saying they had waited a long time to be able to see them and how impressed they were with the show. Josh had great control of the crowd, telling people to pick up their loved ones and put them on their shoulders during their song “Forgive and Forget”. This did, however, lead to the view being obstructed by a wall of people but it was a sight to see. This current tour is happening ahead of their new album Night People and it featured a variation of new tracks such as “Night people”, “Plus One” and “Swear” all gaining a very good response from the crowd. Night People will hit the shops on January 13th.

A new artist I discovered during this concert was VANT, who opened the show tonight. The band came on stage like they had just fallen out of your local charity shop but played an indie rock-grunge crossover. They made large political statements on stage; talking about their songs and how they discuss topics such as immigration and how we are equal as we all enter and leave the world with nothing. It was a real contrast to the light-hearted entertainment that was to follow but I really enjoyed the music and the way they all held themselves as they talked to the audience. They almost gave off a punk vibe but in much cleaner packaging. Though they only have an EP out now, Karma Seeker, I’m excited to hear more from this band in the future.

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