Glass Animals Review

Oxford-based band, Glass Animals, returned to the O2 Academy Liverpool as part of their UK tour following the release of their second album “How to Be a Human Being.” The crowd instantly became energized as the band entered the stage, creating an electric atmosphere before they had even began to play. They opened with the exhilarating “Life Itself” performing the song with maximum energy. The catchy, feel good tune made the crowd go insane, which set up the dynamic atmosphere for the rest of the evening. The band continued to impress, with songs such as “Hazey”, “Youth” and the crowd favourite “Gooey” with avid fans blaring the lyrics for the entire room to hear. Perhaps that’s what made the concert so thrilling, the fans were not afraid to move, sing and shout, making you feel at ease amongst this mass of sweaty people. To top off an already amazing evening, lead singer Dave Bayley jumped into the crowd, singing Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” after a massive encore from the fans. To finish, they played another crowd favourite “Pork Soda” creating a final burst of madness before the concert ended.

The band, who is already well known for mixing styles and providing modern twists on certain genres highlighted this through their varied set. It was extremely well balanced between classic songs from their first album “ZABA” and songs from their latest album, meaning the audience was continually introduced to new sounds, peaking their interest for the entire evening.

The concert opened with the upcoming singer/songwriter Pixx. The vocals of the 19 year old, Chipstead born singer were both haunting and flawless and her songs were equally as enjoyable. However, for me, the opening act’s purpose is to create a “buzz” and energetic atmosphere for the following acts; she failed on this part. Her performance lacked any impact despite the stunning visuals and singing, which left the crowd simply impatient and bored. Hopefully, with more experience, this young artist will gain the stage presence needed to match her exquisite vocals.

The atmosphere in the O2 Academy was extremely intimate, despite there being a large crowd. Between the mass of people and the endless pillars on the bottom deck of the O2 Academy, it was hard to see the band at points and yes, it was extremely sweaty, yet, this added to the atmosphere of the concert, complementing the dirty, raw vocals of frontman Dave Bayley. The sound throughout the entire venue, from the very front to the back was crystal clear which made up for the lack of seeing the band, especially since for me, this gig was all about the music and the fans over the physical performance, the atmosphere that the high energy music provided carried throughout the crowd, making it a truly memorable concert.

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